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DeVillain Guitar Company are specialized in building foldable and collapsible travel guitars under the brand Centerfold®. Our patented folding guitar is a revolution in portability and makes the guitar very easy to travel with. Centerfold® is not just made for air travel, as you might think, it´s made for travel in general. Our intention was to design a guitar that you would alwas be able to bring along, when you normally would leave it at home.

It´s not a substitute for a regular guitar, it will be your regular guitar. Centerfold® Slim Edition is the smallest and most portable guitar you can find with a normal full scale neck. A custom size backpack is always included with a purchase. Let´s make one thing clear, this is not your usual "Travel Guitar" and Centerfold® is as good as it gets. It´s made for rocking your heart out on stage and will get you there faster than ever. Folded it fits easily in a backpack. Unfolded it´s just like your favorite guitar.

Feel free to browse this website to find out more about our patented foldable and collapsible guitar. There will be a lot of news posted here starting in the fall of 2018 included new models of guitars and an upgraded Web-Shop.

Please enjoy / DeVillain Team

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