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Instruction video

Unfold the guitar back to Playing Mode

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Fold the guitar

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Change Strings

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Reset pretension of the roll



1. Unfold the neck, without touching the strings.

2. Lock the neck with the knob, on the backside of the guitar body, by turning it clockwise.

3. Make sure that all strings are in properly position over bridge and nut.

4. Turn the knob, on the far end of the guitar body, clockwise to mechanical stop. This will bring back the STRING TENSION and the guitar back to playing mode.

5. Fine tuning is made, like on a normal guitar, with tuners on the peghead.


1. First release the STRING TENSION by turning the knob, on the far end of the guitar body, anti-clockwise. That action moves the sledge forward, towards the guitar neck, and removes string tension.

2. Now release the neck by turning the knob, on the back side of the guitar body, anti-clockwise.

3. Hold the neck firmly, without touching the strings, and fold. Let the roll collect all strings in a orderly manner.


WARNING: Do NOT remove all strings at the same time.

Leaveat least one string in place otherwise the pretension of the roll will be lost.

1. Make sure the guitar is in playing mode with the sledge in aft position.

2. Loosen the screw on the tailpiece that locks thestring in place.

3. Use a sharp object to lift up the ball end of thestring from the cavity. Remove the string and replace it with a new one.

4. Bring the string up to pitch with tuner on peghead.

5. Retighten the screw that holds the string in place on the tailpiece.

6. Repeat until all strings are replaced


If pretension of the roll is lost use the following steps to bring the tension back.

1. Use a piece of tape to get the string-holder/tailpiece to be a part of the roll. With other words, tape it up on the roll.

2. Move the roll forward, approx 8 turns, in the direction towards the neck. CAUTION, wrong direction will damage the internal spring of the roll.

3. Use a screw to lock the roll on the lower side of the mechanism, close to the tone control.

4. Make sure the guitar is in playing mode and remove the tape.

5. String up at least one string and remove the screw that holds the roll into place. Continue with the other strings until the guitar is ready to play.

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